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Kelley Announces New Bat for 2008

Today, Kelley announced plans for the company’s most exciting product launch ever – the Kelley N.Fuego BLK 2K8 Baseball Bat.  The official product launch is set for the first week in September, however, early information has been made available.

In September, Kelley will release the N.Fuego BLK 2K8.  The 2K8 features a major break-through in Kelley’s exclusive Vorshem Infused Alloy.  The New Kelley Bat will have the most explosive sweet-spot on the market, coupled with unmatched balance and pure graphics.

Mike Kelley, CEO of Kelley Athletic Co. says “this bat is finally going to put Kelley in the position we have been seeking – to be the hands down leader in bat technology.  And that’s not even taking into account our new bat service level agreement – a first ever for our industry.  Just to give you an idea, we will offer replacements if your bat is not performing at its peak.  In addition, each bat will come with a one time free trade-in option during your season.  I believe we are about to have a big impact on how bats are sold and serviced.” 

In September, Kelley will offer an introductory price of $343.  The first orders for Kelley bats will ship in October.  Spread the word and stay tuned to Kelley for details.

Kelley Expanding With Stores

Kelley Athletic Co., manufacturer of high-end sporting goods, is announcing the launch of Kelley Athletic Co. Stores. In the next 5 years Kelley will roll out 100 stores across the country through a unique licensing program. The first store, which will be company owned and the flagship, is scheduled to open in Southlake, TX in April 2008.

Each store will have a heavy presence and specialization in baseball and softball. Stores will feature the current Kelley line, as well as, new Kelley specialty products like sports-themed furniture, sports-themed home goods and footwear.

With a high blend of upscale amenities, Kelley Athletic Co. Stores will be equipped with flat screen TV’s throughout, surround sound and the most up-to-date technology for hitting analysis. “There truly is nothing else like it in the market,” said Mike Kelley, President of Kelley Athletic Co. “We are going to change the way consumers not only view baseball and softball products, but also the way they buy.”

At approximately 2500 sq. ft, stores will be located in high traffic areas in retail strip centers, lifestyle centers and free standing locations. Customers who are used to buying Kelley products online or at tournaments will now have a better option. Stores will employ a highly trained staff that will assist customers in choosing the best products for their needs.

Kelley Athletic Co. has been in business since 1995 and currently has over 400 Sales-Reps in 40 States, Puerto Rico, Japan, Canada and Australia. Each Kelley product is innovatively designed and extensively tested before hitting the market. Consumers have come to know Kelley as a leader in performance, price and quality for baseball and softball goods.

For information: or 877-95KELLEY

How do I break in my glove?

First of all, let us say Thanks for buying Kelley! Now, with that out of the way, let’s talk about glove care. Let’s start with what you should NOT do when breaking your glove in:

  • Do Not soak your glove in water
  • Do Not bake your glove in the oven
  • Do Not microwave your glove
  • Do Not put any petroleum substances on your glove

All Kelley gloves come pre deep-oiled to help with break-in. You will notice that your Kelley glove is probably a little more stiff than the ones you pick up in a retail store. This is because we use thicker/higher grade materials in our products. By injecting oil during the tanning process, we are helping with the break-in of your glove. You will not notice this benefit until you start to use your glove and the oil begins to break it in from the inside out! This method allows us to put the best possible materials into our gloves in order to create a product that will hold its form and last with rigorous play – yet will still be easy to break-in. You don’t have to put any oil on your glove to break it in, however, putting Kelley Glovolution in the palm/hinge area will help to expedite the process:

Put a liberal amount of Kelley Glovolution on the palm area and rub it in. Unlike other oils, Kelley Glovolution will not make your glove heavy. Also rub small amounts of oil into the strings throughout the glove.

The next step is to work in the hinges. The hinges are what allow the glove to close. To work the hinges, we recommend you do the following:

Put your hand in the glove and begin to close it. You will see the hinges fold near the areas marked above. Once you have found your hinge break-points, remove your glove and begin gently folding it back and forth in these areas. Do this 50 to 75 times or until the hinges feel comfortable to you.

The best and most natural way to form your pocket is to play catch. By doing this, the pocket will become customized to your catching style. Another way you can form your pocket is by pounding the pocket area with your fist. When you do not have time to work with your glove, put a softball in it and wrap it closed.

You should always keep something in your glove when you are not using it. Not only will this help to insure a nice pocket, but it will keep your glove from getting lonely as well!

We have come up with a few things you can do to maintain the look, performance and life of your glove:

  1. clean your glove as often as possible (use a damp cloth)
  2. keep the strings on your glove tight
  3. refrain from throwing your glove
  4. recondition it with Kelley Glovolution once per month
  5. as mentioned before, keep something in the pocket
    if you feel your glove starting to dry out, lightly rub some Glovolution in it
  6. if possible, be selfish with your glove. other users will hamper the custom fit
    talk to your glove often. praise it for good work

How do I changes the lenses on my Kelley Optics?

Changing the lenses on your Kelley Optics is quick and easy – once you know how. Here is how to interchange your lenses:

Onslaught, Upheavel and Fume Styles:

  1. Grasp your optics in the strongest areas – not on the nose piece or on the hinge for the ear stem.
  2. With one hand, pull the nose piece away from the lens you are removing.
    Pull the lens down and out away from the nose piece by grasping it in the upper corner closest to the nose piece.
  3. The lens has a notch that fits into a groove just above the nose piece. That is why you are going to pull the nose piece away from the lens. After you have done it once, the process will be easy for you.
  4. To put the lens in, place the lens notch closest to the nose piece in first. And then, push the lens up until the outer notch fits into the ear-stem side.

Temper Style:

  1. Grasp your optics in the strongest areas – not on the nose piece or on the hinge for the ear stem.
  2. Your Temper Optics have a one-piece lens system. You will pull out one edge and then pull out the other before lifting the lens back above the nose piece.
    The lens has a notch that fits into a groove on the outer edge.
  3. Pick a side. Pull the lense down from the outer edge while holding the frame firmly with your other hand.
  4. The process gets easier after you have mastered it a couple of times.